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*photo made by Kyiv TV channel for program "Made in Kyiv", 2013 year

Velma - is garment workshop, that manufacture custom apparel in small and large batches, from 10 units. Has its own brand of school uniform.

LLC Production and Commercial Company "Velma" was founded on June 29, 1998 in Kyiv as a kid's school uniform manufacturer. Over 20 years of specialization exclusively in the production of school uniforms, people began to identify the firm as a brand of school clothes, and the quality of products and style began to be identified with the name of the company.

The history of the company as a brand starts in 1998, when the market felt a significant shortage of goods for various purposes. The niche of clothes for children and adolescents was painful and problematic. The company also focused on meeting the needs of the young generation. Considerations of a manufacturing company rest on a school uniform. Kuchma in 1996. Sustainable development and growth in demand for these clothes in 2005. The Velma company was represented in large multi-brand stores, such as Antoshka, Smik, Detsky Mir shopping center and stores in other cities of Ukraine: Nikolaev, Ternopol. , Donetsk. Having gained a reputation as a quality manufacturer, starting in 2012, the company founded its own logotype, the produced clothes received a label. Company showrooms where the entire range of products was presented. A direct road for retail consumers was open. In 2014, with the expansion of the range, the show room was divided into two separate rooms: for boys and for girls. The company collaborates with developing schools in Kiev, gathers supporters. In 2018, brand products became available for purchase through the official website.

But the production opportunities of the Kyiv sewing factory do not end with school clothes. Installed equipment allows to produce adult clothing. Due to the reduction in demand for school uniforms, and having production facilities, the company offers custom clothing manufacturing in small batches: suits, blazers, trousers, shirts and blouses, business dresses. These apparel are main specialization of the company, but its not the strong end list... At the same time, the quality of production is the priority of fulfilling orders.

The motto of the company is "tradition to create quality". Hence, a serious and responsible approach to the development of patterns, sewing technology, the desire to use natural fabrics, high-quality applied materials, the desire to create practical and comfortable garment.

Goal of the company is to create on the consumer market a unique offer of high-quality apparel at an economically reasonable price, the desire to produce demanded clothes of high quality, comfortable and, most importantly, liked by their consumers.

Velma — is not a large garment factory. Nevertheless, a small clothing production has its benefits: mobility, the ability to quickly switch from one type of product to another, a small but highly qualified team (due to the breadth of production opportunities), the ability to be as an experimental garment space for large companies, the opportunity produce trial lots.

Working space has modern equipment, including with software control, which allows to perform qualitatively all the various technological operations. These includes programmable sewing machines, button sewing automat, JUKI pocket machine, program-controlled sewing machines, straight and eye loop automat. There is cutting room and professional hand-cut tools, as well as professional equipment for wet-heat treatment and press for fusing details.

For the production of school uniform, sewing factory has passed sanitary and epidemiological expertise, confirming by Goverment product consumer service "Conclusion sanitary and epidemiological expertise from 27.11.2017 № 602-123-20-1/36785". Producing school wear company use non-wowen materilsfirm "Freudenberg", which provides high performance characteristics, substrate of semi-natural materials: viscose - 50%, polyester - 50%. For blouses - the fabric of the Dutch firm TOOTAL (cotton - 35%, PE - 65%),) the fabric has excellent exploitation characteristics. For products of the suits group company use semi-wool fabric (wool - 45%, PE - 55%) produced by the company "Cheksil" (Chernigov, Ukraine) with anti-foam finish..

Extensive experience in the garment industry can guarantee the successful cooperation.

Pocket Machine

Juki APW-240 — perhaps, is not the most modern machine, but it still allows to produce industial quality pockets. Setup stage on video.


Yelena Guzchenko

A wonderful team of Professionals with a capital letter! Quite by accident I found this company on FB - and I am very happy with the results. Impressed by the quality of work and solutions of the technologist for the most complex products. Great fun to work with all team members! I'll be back to you soon

Abris Studio

The ABRIS studio works as a design office for the development of clothing patterns for apparel manufacturers, clothing brands and designers. It is very important for our customers to recommend manufacturer who can sewn a small orders accurately and qualitatively. VELMA clothing manufacturer is a factory that meets all strict criteria: the presence of sewing machines, an experienced technologist and a professional team, QQD and the personal responsibility of managers

Irina Pihno

I have been buying a Velma school uniform for my daughter for 3 years now. No complaints. For 3 years tried almost all models of blouses, skirts and sundresses. Excellent quality, a large selection of models for every taste. Thank you very much for your work, for the excellent quality of school uniforms. For me, you are number one.

Alena Ostapets

As a freelance designer for the development of patterns for fashion manufacturers and designers, I would like to recommend the VELMA garment company! These are professionals! Treat their work responsibly! Quality of production of products at the highest level!

Anna Goryachkina

We are very satisfied with the quality of tailoring and professional approach at all stages of cooperation with each member of this team. We (itsaboutusnow.com) have developed a sophisticated product with prints on women's business shirts, exclusive prints on various parts of the product have complicated the typical automated process. Velma was the only ones who understood the requirements, understood our expectations, took part in our whole process, shared professional recommendations at all stages. The quality is excellent, expert approach and pleasant communication!

Elena Saplina

Today we bought Velma uniforms for the second time. The first purchase was 2 years ago - they carried 1 and 2 class perfectly. Like new. Therefore, we came for the same uniform again, but the daughter chosen slightly different models. On the fabric: no puffs, no pellets for 2 years. Almost no creases. Ironing is also easy. Colors: the form is presented in 4 primary colors - blue, bordeaux, black and plus in each color there are combinations with a cell. Model: today we came for a sundress, a skirt and blue trousers. We were offered 4 styles of sundress, 4 models of skirts. Pants were in the same style. For each figure you can choose .... Cut and quality of sewing - nothing to complain about. The uniform was carried every day to school (last year, plus the today's kit was also a jacket) - and the uniform is in perfect condition. My daughter just grew up. They released the length of the sleeve in the jacket, changed the buttons in the jacket and sundress. But the state of the uniform was unchanged. Therefore, I am sure: the price corresponds to quality (this is not China from the market where it says that there is no synthetics, but the form creaks from synthetics already. And it can be stuffy for a child to sit in this all day plus in the classroom). Especially when you consider what is enough for 2 years. Velma blouses have similar dithyrambs. Thanks for the quality!

Unfortunately, in order to comply with the privacy policy, we do not have the right to disclose information about the brands that use our services. We cannot use the reputation of these brands to advance our own goals. You can learn about the quality of our production by meeting our school uniform line, as well as reviews from buyers and customers on social networks and Google maps. You can also come to our show room, see regular products and discuss the details you are interested in.


Workshop has modern, industrial equipment,that allows to qualitatively perform a variety of technological operations, including:

  • make a flap pocket (the presence of a pocket machine);

  • make a direct or eyelet button hole (the presence of button hole machine);

  • install buttons, including on the foot (the presence of button machines);

  • make emblems, chevrons, stripes;

  • perform cutting up to 150 mm high layers;

  • duplicate the workpiece (the presence of fusing machine)

  • produce jersey products (the presence of coverstitch machine)

Among the equipment there are also Lockstitch Machine with programmin, 5,4,3-thread overlock, and industrial steam generator irons. Extensive experience and numerous customer reviews can guarantee the successful completion of the order.

Button sewing

Fusing machine

Button hole sewing

Cutting equipment

Pocket machine

Sewing machines