Pattern development

grading and digitizing

Making according to the finished product

The finished product greatly simplifies the pattern making - visual product details, shape, type of fabric immediately give the necessary data for development

Making according to photography

A photography is not sufficient information for development yet: information on dimensions and materials must be provided.

Making according to tech pack

Making according to design sheet of tech pack Full tech pack is exactly the document on which the development takes place. The detailed tech pack gives more chances to get the planned quality of the product.

Price on pattern making

Для получения более точной цены необходимо предоставить: фото изделия и детали исполнения.

Price on pattern design


The kit includes all the necessary document for the clothes manufacturing:

  • set of patterns for all materials (main fabric, lining, adhesive materials)

  • auxiliary patterns (marking loops, basic)

  • patterns and cutting specification

  • bill of materials

  • technological description

  • technical drawing

  • measurement sheet

  • grading (if necessary)

The bill of materials consumption sets the most important parameter for the customer - the consumption of fabric per one product. In addition, the sheet reports the characteristics of the materials (density of adhesive material, thread thickness, etc.). The characteristics are laid at the these stage, since they determine the final type of product, its fit, shape and quality.


To determine which method will be the most rational for you, it is necessary to provide the details of your order.

CAD Gerber Accumark

The program of the American campaign GERBER - AccuMark. A single solution for the design, graduation, layout and preparation of cut.

The advantage of developing a basic model in electronic form will allow in the future, with less cost, to create all new models using the original base (create a blouse with shuttlecocks or without, change the style, etc.). The electronic view makes it easy to make changes, and all models and their modifications are conveniently stored on a computer.

Development linked to production technology

CAD Grace

The fundamental difference between other programs is that there is a building process, an algorithm, and the result of building patterns.

Pattern development is carried out directly in 6 sizes. Such developing is very laborious, but allows to stay the winner if you plan manufacturing in at least 4-5 x sizes and in the amount of at least 10 units in 1 size. The development is supported by the Abris Design Studio.

A complete set of documents for big production

Manual pattern making

Despite the popularity of the development of patterns in CAD, the manufacture of patterns by hand still has its advantages and is a very competitive method, since all requirements for design and completeness are met. At the same time, the development cost is much cheaper than the electronic version. This method is more acceptable when sewing a small batch of products in 1-2 sizes. Manual patterns can be also digitized.

Skills of the "old school' masters is not inferior to time


While patterns making, particular attention should be paid to the selection of basic and auxiliary materials, since it determine the shape, type and quality of the finished product. Cheap and low-quality fabrics can be severely deformed during the fusing process and, as a result, distort the fit of the product, and improperly selected fusible Interfacing - distort the shape of the product

Developed patterns of the certain product will allow in the future, with lower financial costs, to create new styles of these type of product using already developed base patterns (create a blouse with shuttlecocks or without, change the style, etc.).

An important factor in the pattern making is their link to production: the technological description (method of manufacturing of the product) that the designer gives out is based on the equipment that is installed at one or another factory.