Custom garment manufacturing

whole sale garment production


Minimum order volume is due to the ability to layout sewing technology in detail and set a competitive, affordable price:

  • minimum order quantity per one producе - 100 pcs *

  • minimum quantity per one size: 10 pcs

  • minimum quantity per one color: 5 pcs

  • tolling manufacturing

The order quantity may include several model of one product with a circulation of at least 10 pcs, for example:

blouse #1: size S 10 pcs, size M 10 pcs.

blouse #2: size S 15 pcs, size M 15 pcs.



The main specialization of the factory is manufacturing of mainly women's and children's clothing. The main specialization products include:

  • women's suits and blazers

  • trousers and skirts

  • vests and coats

  • business and casual dresses

  • blouses and button down shirts

  • pajamas and body

  • some knitwear: jumpers, pullovers


Garment workshop is equipped with modern machines that allow to efficiently perform a variety of technological operations. Among them:

  • Overlocks, Coverstitch, Lockstitch Machine With Progamming and

  • Industrial Irons

  • Continuous Fusing Machine

  • Electronically Controlled Button Sewing Machine

  • Eyelet Button Hole Sewing Machine

  • Automatic Welting Machine for Slanted Pockets with Flaps

  • Equipment for cutting: End Cutter and Machine and Straight Knife Machine

Technological solutions of one product

as an example- female blazer