Garment workshop "VELMA"

custom apparel manufacturing


"It happens great temptation to skimp on materials, patterns development, sewing technology and other ... But we know that if allow to yourself to produce at least one "low-quality" product, we can immediately go down and return to the high-quality way will be very difficult. Therefore, we always produce only high-quality products, this is the Tradition of the Velma garment company." ©

— technologist, Solovy Nataliya Stepanovna

Custom garment manufacturing

Sewing from 10 units: for creating capsule collections, assortment refill, garment sampling, for "testing" demand, sizes, fashion.

Manufacturing by customers pattern

The presence of garment patterns is already half a deal. The main thing — patterns should be properly designed and completed.

Pattern and tech pack development

Development by finished product, photography or sketch. Best methods and full pack of document for wholesale production.

пошив корпоративной одежды

Corporate clothes

пошив женской одежды

Woman clothes

пошив детской одежды

Children clothes

School uniform

Manufactoring without distributers

Website of Velma sewing factory — is not a distribution platform. Here, you are in direct contact with the manufacturer

Material selection service

Extensive experience at the market allows us to offer the most suitable fabrics and accessories while presence of auxiliary materials at the factory (fusing, thread, lining fabric and other) - allows to save time for its selection and search.

Toll manufacturing

The tolling scheme is always relevant. The choice of fabric is in many ways is a key factor. And here you have complete freedom, while available auxiliary materials at the factory will save time on its selection. List of auxiliary materials available on the "PRICE" section.

Cost planning tools

Approximate prices for each stage of product creation will help you plan your budget and analyze the return on investment.


Modern equipment that allows you to produce industrial design products and bring it to a salable condition


20 years of experience and numerous positive feedback from buyers and customers guarantee successful cooperation


We will recommend the right solutions for the rational distribution of costs: selection and procurement of materials, development of patterns, packaging and delivery


The production workspace meets the state sanitary and epidemiological requirements, the conclusion of the traffic police No. 602-123


The possibility of premature issue order in small lots for its early salling


A highly qualified team that is able to efficiently perform a variety of technological operations